Short-term apartment rental near Belmont, MA (McLean Hospital)?
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I'm going to be in a "partial hospitalizaton" program at Harvard's McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass. I need to find a place to stay for 10-14 nights, preferably a short-term apartment rental. Any ideas for finding vacation apartment-style arrangements within walking or train distance?

In this type of program, I will be at the hospital every day from early in the morning to the mid-afternoon for about 10 business days. It's located in Belmont (specifics and directions below -- I need to be able to take the commuter rail to the Belmont stop or the Red Line to the #73 bus).

Since it's a non-inpatient program, I won't spend the night at the hospital, so I need to find an apartment for about two weeks in the beginning of August.

The hospital's website has hotel recommendations, but I don't have much money and thought renting an apartment would be a more economical way to arrange accommodations.

I don't know Boston well, I don't have contacts there, and Craigslist doesn't seem to have anything that's a reasonable commute distance from the hospital for such a brief period of time. I thought this was something the hospital could help me with, but aside from the list of hotels they didn't really have any advice.

I am very grateful for any suggestions you might have for finding a place.

Map of McLean here:

Directions and public transit info here:
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unfortunately, I can't help you with short-term area apartment leads, but with regards to commute and transportation logistics, McLean Hospital is not that far from the Waverly Square bus stop and commuter rail station. That should allow you to widen your search range to Cambridge (via the 73 bus), Boston or Waltham and Newtonville (via the 554 bus).
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I don't know Boston, but could you email one of the mods with some further information? People answering here will need to know:

- your budget
- your physical condition (can you handle stairs, for example? Will you need handrails in the tub? Not being nosy about whatever your condition is, but it would be silly for someone to suggest a 3rd floor walkup if you're on crutches)
- any other types of special needs or desires (e.g. you're vegetarian? difficulty falling asleep so need a quiet space? etc)
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This Craigslist ad looks possible:

Also seconding looking for any ads that mention Cambridge/Harvard Square. If you can get somewhere within walking distance of Harvard Square, you can get the #73 from there (its terminus) and ride it to Waverly. I saw a few ads on Craigslist that said they were close to Harvard Sq. Also, anything in Porter Sq., Central Sq. or even Davis Sq. in Somerville would allow you to take the Red Line in to Harvard and the 73 from there without adding too much to your commute time.
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Try the LiveJournal groups b0st0n (zeros instead of O) and davis_square, which often have apartment-for-rent and sublet listings.

You might also think about doing a bed-and-breakfast thing rather than a hotel: these folks generally have the most listings.
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dirtynumbangelboy: McLean focuses on mental health; while it's not impossible that anonymous has additional special physical needs, there's no reason to assume they do.

While I don't know anyone who's done partial hospitalization, I know several people who have spent time as inpatients at McLean. Whenever friends and I wanted to visit but were not car-enabled, the 73 bus from Harvard Square was the public transportion method of choice. While Cambridge and Somerville are fairly expensive, they also have lots of crappy student apartments that you can look into subletting. You may have an easier time if you're able to put up with housemates.
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Extended Stay hotels may be an option. I have stayed in one for a few weeks before. Most have a kitchenette and have laundry facility on premises.
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I've had good luck with these people in the past. They have accommodations in all different price ranges. Good luck!
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follow-up from the OP
Thanks for your responses. Yes, McLean is the psychiatric division of the hospital, and I don't have any physical limitations. However, I do need somewhere quiet to go home to, and given the circumstances I don't think it's a good idea to have roommates. My budget is about $500-$750 for the two-week period. I am really grateful for this help and information; the details on Boston geography and commuting options are very helpful.
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