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Can anyone recommend a good template for tracking multiple savings account balances in Excel?

I have a number of savings accounts, plus an investment account. For our expense budget we have a whiz bang template that includes contributions to savings, investments, etc as an outgoing. I can't find anything similar to then track the balances and gains of the savings accounts.

Right now I have a clunky spreadsheet that looks kind of like this:

Accounts | May Bal | In | Out | Gain | Loss | June Bal
Sav 1 |
Sav 2 |
....... |
Invest |

I group the in month columns to only show the monthly balances, but it's still ugly and there must be a better way. Any ideas?
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Yes I know it is not an excel template, but it is a better system for tracking expenses than a custom excel spreadsheet.
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I've tried it. I've tried loads of different money management software and most of them are far too complicated for my needs. Getting the data in, even when it's already in QIF, is more of a pain than putting up with my clunky spreadsheet.
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Another non-answer: You may want to investigate Yodlee MoneyCenter or Mint.com. They automatically get your latest balances from your bank for you.
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Check It's Your Money to see if one of their offerings will work.
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Thanks, there's a couple of good templates over at IYM that meet my needs. The freedom one is pretty complicated, but I can tailor it.

My CU is not supported by mint.com unfortunately.
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