What color is St. Charles Place in Monopoly?
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What color is St. Charles Place in Monopoly?

Recently, my fiancee and I have been playing Monopoly Deal (a bit random and mindless, but entertaining game.) During one of the games, I mentioned that I had all the properties of a certain color. She laughed at the suggestion, even though I had those properties face up in front of me. A brief discussion followed, after which we both agreed that the St. Charles/States/Virginia property set indeed were a certain color; we just differed (significantly IMHO) as to what the actual color was! Several discussions have followed, along with much polling of family and friends, but a conclusive end to the argument has yet to be reached. So as not to taint the hive mind, I will not name any specific colors, but my question for you is this: what is the color of St. Charles Place (Pall Mall, UK Version), in Monopoly?
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Purple, obviously.
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From an image online, I would call that a 'burgundy'. But from memory, I remember it as more of a purple. My opinion may change if I had the board in front of me.
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I would call it magenta, although wikipedia suggests magenta might be pinker.

moxiedoll: it can't be purple in a Monopoly context because Mediterranean and Baltic are purple.
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#A24476 or RGB (162,68,118) or magenta.

Web safe closest match: #993366 or RGB(153,51,102) or Dark Dull Magenta.
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I don't have monopoly in front of me, and I haven't looked it up, but memory/instinct says magenta.

Once you have enough answers, let us know who won!!
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Not purple, Baltic/Mediterranean are purple. I would call it fuchsia or possibly magenta.
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Well according to Wikipedia, new editions of the game have Baltic and Mediterranean as brown, and St. Charles/States/Virginia unchanged.

I would just call it magenta.
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The monopoly companion calls it light purple.
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The poster child for puce, methinks.
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I'll go with light purple also.
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Baltic and Mediterranean are clearly Indigo. St Charles and it's kin are Purple
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agree with the fuchsia/magenta hybrid
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The monopoly companion calls it light purple.

pffft, what do they know
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I would call it magenta.
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I'm changing my vote to something in between red-violet and Tyrian Purple (also), as even when you call something dark magenta, people keep confusing it with the screaming pink version of magenta.

See this for examples of the fuchsia flavour of magenta, magenta dye (a coal tar dye that is fairly close to St. Charles), process magenta (MY EYES!!), and electric magenta (MY BURNING EMPTY SOCKETS!!).
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We called it magenta. But we were precocious little monsters.
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I call it anything from purple to light purple to magenta. It definitely isn't pink (as others like to call it).

And during gameplay, context can usually differentiate between when you're talking about St. Charles or Baltic. That or you just call the latter "dark purple".
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We called it mulberry, after the Crayola of the same shade. (Magenta, to me, is brighter.)
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We always called it light purple, but knew it was magenta.
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Closest match here is Medium Violet Red, #FFC71585
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Red-based purple.
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so what colours did you think it was? Based on pictures of monopoly boards I've seen it ranges from definitely pink to definitely purple and every colour inbetween depending on the version you have. On my old classic (UK) version it was pink, not quite bright enough to be magenta (but it was old and faded a bit). I can't remember how what shade it was on any of the other versions we had (Gold Anniversary, Star Wars & Manchester United)
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According to the Hasbro Website, St. Charles Place is Magenta.

The other properties are Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Light Blue and Purple.
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Darkish Magenta. Baltic and Mediterranean are definitely more of a proper Purple

New editions use Brown for the slum properties? BROWN?! Sacrilege! I think that offends me more than the switch from light brown M&Ms to blue ones.
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Name That Color gives "Rouge (approx.)" as a name for #A24476 and "Flirt (approx.)" for #A5007B (color sampled from the link by pseudostrabismus).
I love this tool because I am really, really bad at distinguishing colors yet like to put a name "that greenish blue" or "that reddish-purple-y-browny color".
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Heliotrope. (Which I think was the closest option in the 36-color Pentech set I had as a kid.)
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Sambosambo - that's for the "here and now" version. Elsewhere on the site, the refer to it as light purple, and baltic is dark purple.

Even though they call it light purple, I still think of it as magenta.
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I've always called it purple (or light purple) and the rarely used Baltic/Mediterranean as dark purple. I also call the Oriental/Connecticut/Vermont stretch light blue (not cyan or malibu or some other esoteric color.) My fiancee refers to the color of St. Charles as pink. For the life of me, I cannot see how someone could interpret that color as pink as opposed to purple. I'm happy to state that we have come to some common ground -- the true color is magenta.

(but this is a purple magenta! ;)
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Huh, you know. I was all prepared to say that your fiancee is crazy (and that this AskMe thread backs you up). But then I noticed you said something which no one in comments seems to have responded to - you've been playing some bastardized card-game version of the game called Monopoly Deal, not the standard board game.

And having a look at the cards - which seem distinctly different from the regular Monopoly cards - I can see how someone might call them pink. I'd probably still call them a light purple, but your fiancee is not totally off-base.
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