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I am looking for a kitchen mascot: a cast iron pig with a cute face. Help me find one to purchase. This one would be perfect.
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posted by IndigoJones at 7:31 AM on July 5, 2009

This guy is pretty cute. He's wearing a tuxedo for your dinner party!
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i'm almost sure i've seen that exact pig--thought it was restoration hardware or williams sonoma but i don't see it on the web sites. i'll keep looking, though, and thinking about where i ran across it. good luck. it's cute & i *love* the idea of a kitchen mascot.
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This one is cute. Or if money is not an object, an antique one here.
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Here are two with wings.
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Ebay, although I shudder to think what the shipping would be.

Also a selection here. Garden stores seem to be the best place to look, otherwise they're mostly piggybanks.
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I shudder to think what the shipping would be.

A little over twenty four dollars, assuming a California address in your example. A little over half as much assuming a Massachusetts address. Not too terrible.
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Have you tried contacting the restaurant with your perfect pig? Either for info leading to a clone, or even the pig itself. It might be a long shot, but you never know.
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