How do I burn music CD's using AAC files?
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Waugh! (Pronounced the Snoopy way or the Evelyn way.) My iTunes will no longer burn AAC files onto CD. I've followed Fearless Leader's lead and de-DMRed all my Apple Music Store purchases with hymn, but I can't burn protected songs that have been hymned, protected songs that haven't been hymned or unprotected songs that used to be hymned. (I guess I didn't try an AAC rip since I mostly rip to mp3, so there's a missing data point.) When I go to burn a playlist, it deselects all the AAC tracks, although it will burn mp3s made from unprotected AAC files. Does anyone know what's up? Is there another Mac app for making audio CDs from AAC files? I'm not much of an audiofile, but don't want to go through the quality loss of converting 128 kbps AAC to 128 kbps mp3 for all these songs.
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Is iTunes set to burn an MP3 CD? Check the preferences. I've just tried it and exactly what you've described happens.
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Response by poster: Oh. Damn damn. Of course it is, 'cause I had to burn one last week for someone.

Stoopid stoopid.
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Stoopid stoopid.

No, just forgetful, forgetful. It happens to everyone.
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