Please help me ID incomplete torrents
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Has anybody come up with a way to identify incomplete torrents? Azureus crashed and dumped all my active torrents, so now I have a ton of incomplete files, but I'm not sure which ones. Any ideas?
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You could open the .torrent file in Azureus again. If it scans the file and moves it right into "seeding," then you know it's complete. If it picks up and starts downloading again, then it isn't done yet. One of the nice things about torrents is that they're pretty much self-healing when faced with disconnections or crashes.
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Try forcing a re-check on the files.
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Yeah, do a force re-check so you don't end up duping content to another folder. If you get 0% on a torrent you've been running for a while, make sure the download directory is in the right place.
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Force recheck. I use utorrent now, which allows me to have the file type .ut! for incomplete files, which has been very helpful for that kind of error.
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Another thing you could try is downloading the original torrents that you were using again?
As soon as they start it does it's own re-check and then will just pick up where it left off. Too easy :)

Having said that, ..I do use uTorrent (probably a "Meh" point though). And I have a memory for irrelevant details like - which torrent, out of a whole list of them, was mine. Because that's the only crucial part. It's gotta be the exact same torrent you started with.
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