Altering Wordpres's Dashboard CSS
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Which .css file to I need to edit within my Wordpress 2.8 installation to prevent an annoying Dashboard layout issue, and what information do I need to change?

When viewing the Wordpress Dashboard in Firefox, the menu on the left slightly overlaps the rest of the page, when it's expanded. Like this. When it's shrunk, the layout is correct. Like this.

Annoyingly, it all looks fine in Internet Explorer.

What values do I need to change in which .css file to ensure that there's no overlap?
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I created a new Wordpress 2.8 install last week and do not see this effect in any browser I've tested so far (Firefox 3.0.11, Firefox 3.5, IE6).

What version of Firefox are you running? Have you modified the default Wordpress install at all? Do you have any addons for Firefox that might be overriding the default css?

The forums are a good bet to find someone who can help you.
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