Latency? This. Is. Infiniteloop!
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Help me try and fix my mother's weird internet/Mac Mini issue.

So, my mother has a Mac Mini. This is one of the older PowerPC ones... no wireless. It's connected via a cat5 cable to a ZyXel wireless router, which is then connected to a DSL modem. The problem she has is a delay between requesting a webpage and having it start to load (in any web browser). Since I am a Windows user, I don't know much about Macs, so I am at a loss.

Pertinent factoids:

-When I go to and run a speed test, I get a latency of between 500-900ms, which seems really high.

-When I ping from within OS X's network dialog, however, the latency looks normal.

-My netbook and another Windows PC can connect wirelessly without this issue. I also connected my netbook to the router using the same cat5 cable; no issue.

-I tried setting the DNS servers to opendns instead of the default; no change.

Apparently the system did not originally have this issue. Any ideas?
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Try swapping connecting the machine directly to the DSL modem and see if things improve. If so, your ZyXel is the problem and should be replaced.
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Response by poster: No go... still the same problem. Good idea, though!
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Dumb question - have you restarted the Mac? I have one of the old PowerPC Minis too, and it rarely has had a problem, but I can think of two occasions in the past where I had to restart the computer to get internet connectivity back.
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Response by poster: Yeah, sorry, I tried that too. Really I think it must be either a software or hardware issue with the Mini itself, but I have zero experience with OS X so I'm not sure where to begin.
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(Guess) Try different DNS settings?
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I had a similar problem at work -- OS X loaded web pages with a painfully long lag. There was a long (10-15-20 second) lag, followed by the page loading rather quickly, more or less. Safari would time out before many pages would lag, but Firefox eventually loaded them. This happened with any OS X Leopard computer on the network, but no others.

My best guess is that it's a problem with the way your router (DSL modem?) is handling Leopard's IPv6 addressing. Check out this article, which I barely understand myself.

At work, after our aging firewall was replaced, the problem was gone, and the internet was speedy again. I can't be sure, but I think it's the IPv6 thing. Good luck!
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