flip flops that don't flop!
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Sandalfilter: Australian shoe, looks like a flip flop, but with strap farther back and a peg for between big toe and middle. Named something like yogi shoe. Any bells?
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Are you thinking of Yoki fashion sandals?
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Nope, they're sort of croc-like. Made out of plastic or rubber. unisex.
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They call them thongs.
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They call them thongs
Thongs= flip flops= OP already mentioned that they are similar but not thongs/flip flops.
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Btw, mrstrotsky, I know what you're talking about, but I don't know what they're called either and now it's going to drive me crazy, haha.
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Sorry to post again but, I think it would help to add this if this is also what you are thinking of:
They have a peg between the toes that is NOT part of a strap.

They're kind of like this, but not gold and they have a strap across the archish area, right?
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These are called toe-knob sandals, or padukas.
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ishotjr's got it, just like that
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found it!

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See also Dopies.
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