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Is there a way to use the Genius feature on my 80 GB Ipod Classic?

From skimming around the internet, I get conflicting year-old rumours stating that the genius feature will/has been added to 80 GB ipods, but it doesn't seem to be an option on mine, updated as it is. So I assume that's not true.

Now, I've sen suggestions that you simply use the Genius feature on iTunes normally, then copy the playlist over to the ipod. Which would be fine, except for the fact that my iPod is my music library. Other than copying all 72 GB back onto my 80 GB laptop, running the genius update so that I can make a few playlists at my convenience, is there any reasonable way about this? Or am I pretty much out of luck until I end up buying a newer iPod?
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Even with the iPod touch and iPhone you need iTunes to process your library fir the genius data - it uploads the library data to apple servers to process.

I don't know about the status of the Genius feature on other devices, but a playlist is likely the best option.
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Response by poster: Well, other than the fact that I don't have 72 GB of free space on my laptop. I was being glib.
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Response by poster: Ouch!

So it should work if I had an external drive, or something like that? The reason I'm sort of wondering still is because there is no "genius" menu anywhere on my iPod... but this might simply be because it isn't synched with iTunes, I suppose.
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If you can't get Genius to work, you might want to try The Filter, which I used to use and liked before Apple came out with Genius.
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Best answer: Well, don't rush to get a new hard drive... Apple has never released an update for the 2007-09 80GB or 160GB Classic models. I have the 160GB model, and regularly look to see if they have this fixed. I think it may not be technically possible for some reason, not quite sure why.

The only way I can use Genius is if I have the computer generate the playlist and then I sync that to the iPod just like any other playlist.

Yeah, we're screwed. Sorry.
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Hippybear has it. My iPod is right beside me. You create Genius playlists on the computer, and then the next time you sync it is put on your iPod. It's treated just like a Smart Playlist.
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The new 120GB Classic models DO have the Genius feature, from what I understand. But I'll trade that feature for the extra 40GB of space any day.
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Response by poster: Ok, that's what I was wondering. There are many threads on fora online stating that it's supposed to happen... but it obviously hasn't yet. Oh well.
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Having just the one place where your music is stored is a disaster waiting to happen.

Go spend $100 on a 320GB external USB hard drive. Copy your music library to that. Use iTunes to create your genius playlists and sync them to your iPod.

That way, you get your genius playlists and as a bonus when you lose/drop/sit on your ipod [or when it dies a sudden death for whatever reason] you still have all your music.
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