I need a list of all the countries
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I'm looking for a randomized list of every nation state in the world, preferably in spreadsheet column form. Is there anything like this?
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Depending on what you call a country, this may do: http://openconcept.ca/blog/mgifford/text_list_all_countries

There's a wikipedia page which looks more official, but less easy to copy/paste into excel.
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Best answer: Here you go: http://doteatop.pastebin.com/m11cc75c2

Randomized from: http://www.un.org/en/members/index.shtml
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Response by poster: doteatop, that's awesome. What's #113?
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Best answer: Sorry, a few of those got a bit chopped.

Fixed: http://doteatop.pastebin.com/d32095a92

I did this the fast, evil way:

grep countryname <(HTML_FILE) | awk -F''\''' '{print $12}' | sort -u | while read c ; do echo -e $RANDOM"\t"$c ; done | sort -n | sed -e 's/^[0-9]*//g'
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Croatia is missing in the first link, and a few others, like Vatican City and Kosovo. The US Department of State recognizes 194 countries.
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Slightly out of date, but more fun than the above: "Countries of the World..."
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Practice this, and you can name them all off yourself :).
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