What case should I get for my new iPhone 3Gs?
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What case should I get for my new iPhone 3Gs? Needed specs inside.

So I love my iSkin case (revo, I think) for my original iphone except for one thing...the edges of the case come up to high against the screen...creating a little lip that gets hit when plays games. Imagine the iphone turned sideways and playing a game that has the virtual joystick on the lower left of the screen. Thumb moves down, hits edge of case, makes me bad at game and eventually rips the case.

So I looked at the iSkin SoloFX and it seems to have a more flush edge but its only in ugly colors.

Can anyone think of a silicony case (that makes it a bit grippy) that also has a flush edge and is not hideously ugly? A dark blue is okay, a neon blue, not so much.

I looked at the Apple store but did not have much luck.
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Response by poster: Quick note: I do want something that will protect my phone should I drop it. The old phone got dropped probabl 4 times, usually on a corner, with no damage. So I think this rules out something like the BestSkinsEver.
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The Speck Pixel Skin is pretty much my favorite case ever, I had one for my 2g Touch, and when i got my 3GS, I got the iPhone version.
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Check out itsmemorphious on youtube. Insanely detailed iPhone case reviews.
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I have this bad boy in black and red. Its THE most awesome case ever. Comes with 2 screen protectors and a dock insert. Plus it makes my phone look like it belongs to a badass ninja Jedi. Which is never a bad thing.
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I have the Incipio Feather that seems to meet your requirements. It's not squishy silicon, but the plastic offers enough grip for me (way better than the glossy exterior of the iPhone).
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Unless you're in pirate territory...
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Grr, that was supposed to be a codicil to gergtreble's post, but in the half-second between previewing and posting, meowzilla had to go and ruin it. Arrrrrrr! Ye scurvy poster!
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I have an Ottor Box case. It is great!!! Thing can withstand a Nuclear Blast... IE a quick drop into a puddle (not tried but I believe it).

Does make it a lot bulkier but I use the belt clip so I don't mind. Also it is Guaranteed for life (except the belt clip).
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The problem is, that pain in the ass rim around the front of the case IS part of the protection if you drop your phone. Otherwise, if it lands screen-down, it's the screen smacking into the floor, not the case taking the brunt of the impact.

I have an Agent 18 case, bought at the apple store, for my 3G. For what it's worth, I found the ridge along the edge to be less obtrusive than all the other cases I've tried, but it is still there. I'm just not willing to risk smashing the lcd on my screen because my cat bumped it off the desk or something. Particularly since I'm clumsy as hell. It's hard plastic, though, not grippy at all.
(it did include the BEST screen protector I've ever seen, though. I love it, and everyone who tried mine loved it. I'd recommend their screen protectors any day of the week.)
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Response by poster: Hmmm...so many choices! Thanks!

I did think about the fact that the ridges help protect the screen, but the times I have dropped it always seems to land on the corner. I am not adverse to a little but of a lip, just the lip on the iskin is too much...maybe if it were a rounded lip. Looks like the feather may have that?
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The Feather doesn't have any lip at all. The case is completely flush with the glass screen (which is why you can see the metal bezel with the case on). True, there's less protection, but it's very unlikely to fall directly on the face. I've dropped my phone quite a few times with and without the case; the phone is more durable than you think (except for water unfortunately). The Feather also comes with two screen protectors if that is a concern.
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If additional reviews or resources are needed, I always turn to iLounge for guidance on iPod accessories, as they give a good range of thorough reviews and comparisons.
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I am another big fan of the switcheasy case gergtreble mentions. You get the benefits of both a silicony and rigid case. Plus, there are lots of colors to choose from.
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