How to set up automatic phone recording through my computer.
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I have a small business with 3 phone lines, and I would like to have our phone calls with customers recorded to the computer automatically for quality and training purposes. Is there some sort of audio card I need for each computer that can do this? I would also need a recommended software to use (doesn't have to be free). Is this feasible, especially having it start recording automatically without employee input?

Everything must also be compatible with my PARTNER Telephones here.
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Asterisk will do all this stuff.
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Also make sure every call has a disclaimer that it could be recorded, I'm am fairly certain you can't record someone like that without their knowledge.
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Seconding Asterisk. With a little bit of work, you can get it to play the disclaimer DJWeezy is talking about. Most people just ignore it anyways. It's like reading the EULA for a software install. You know you should pay attention, but you click without reading anyways.
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3rding Asterisk, but also suggesting FreeSwitch for consideration. Both these Open Source solutions will require some effort to set up and configure how you want, but what you want is trivial within the scope of their feature set.

It might be possible that your Avaya system can be configured to record calls - it's not such an unusual request, however it will depend on what your PARTNER telephones connect to, and if it can be done will probably require your supplier to set up.

You might find a telephony geek that can help you on Good luck.
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