What are some fun, cool online alphabets as unusual and clever as the Butterfly Alphabet?
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Where can I find a photo/art "alphabet" of found objects, science/nature stuff, or anything just really cool? Kind of like the Butterfly Alphabet, but either public domain or usable with attribution?

I'm looking for some cool online illustrated/photo/found-object alphabets like the ones below that are either in the pubic domain or free to use with attribution. (I'm not really looking for novelty typefaces.)

I'd like to draw from multiple sources, so I welcome everyone's ideas. There isn't one definitive alphabet I'm looking for, but rather some fun suggestions of alphabets anyone can use with the creator's permission.

Alphabets need to be something you can share in a link.


Sample alphabets:

Nature's Own Alphabet

found object alphabet

Butterfly Alphabet

Nature's Alphabet

Fire Typography

Natural Letters
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Not sure if this is what you want but... http://www.flickr.com/photos/lwr/87325319/
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Google Earth alphabet - contact (email on page)

Another Google Earth alphabet - contact (via site)

Human alphabet - contact (email on page)

Beard alphabet - contact (via site)

None of these are explicitly free for personal use, but they're all the original sources. I included links to the contact info for the creators if you'd like to ask permission.
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