Can I play poker with real money on an iPhone 3g?
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Can I play poker with real money on an iPhone 3g?

I've had a search about both here and on Google - two sites (Pacific Poker & Partypoker) were suggested as possibles, but neither seems to load on the iPhone. Does anyone know of any sites which do work on an iPhone?
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They'd need to be non-flash based for starters. But according to this review of a downloadable poker app "due to Appleā€™s stance on online gambling...there are no official poker clients in the app store that allow for real-money poker." Another review touches on the same point. Another unsourced claim. This 7-month-old Ask Yahoo! seems to confirm the two sites you mention, but I couldn't find confirmation at the source. speculated 18 months ago that the same two site will work.

There is this method detailing how to locally install the client. You'll need to jailbreak your phone, but I'm not up to speed on jailbreaking the latest 3.0, and since the referring link is from July 08 I'm not sure how much is still applicable.

I haven't read the terms for submission to the App Store, nor could i find the prohibition on real-money gambling. However, I think that having a small, easy-to-recognize, desirable device so closely tied to an account could be problematic.
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I don't know if this matters, but it isn't legal.
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Ah, sorry - should have made it clear - I'm in the UK, so no legality issues, other than the fact that the Appstore won't facilitate my (perfectly legal) gambling!
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Of course there are legality issues.

Apple is a US company and is subject to US law. Merely because you're not a US citizen doesn't mean that Apple would want to subject itself to scrutiny by the US Justice Department for violating US law.

Whether this is a sensible position for Apple to take is a subject for lawyers to debate; Apple probably has taken the stance that prudence is best and won't allow any gaming apps to be sold through its store.
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I don't know if this matters, but it isn't legal.
Not actually true, the UIGEA only prohibits financial institutions from making transfers to or from gaming sites. It does not actual declare that playing poker online is illegal.
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