Best PDA applications
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Must-have PDA applications?
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Or so it seems as everyone has it but no one will acknowledge it :)
posted by XiBe at 12:15 PM on December 6, 2004

Splash ID.
posted by orange clock at 12:16 PM on December 6, 2004

Weasel Reader (aka Gutenpalm)
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 12:20 PM on December 6, 2004

Depends on the platform doesn't it? On my ancient Casio BE300, the apps I won't do without are ListPro,WinampAQ, and Pocket Streets 2001 All free of course! I hear Agenda Fusion is actually worth paying for but it won't run on my BE.
posted by Hash at 12:26 PM on December 6, 2004

Chess Tiger for me, although I admit that it will probably only appeal to a subset of PDA owners. I'd also note that there are other, free chess programs out there which are probably quite sufficient for the casual player; ChessTiger is not free, but is stronger and has additional features that may only make a difference to the serious or semi-serious player. Thanks, you reminded me that I need to upgrade; I think I'm a version or two behind.

FitalyStamp. And it's not, at least for me, an unwillingness to learn and use Graffiti--I did that for about the first six months I had my Visor, and became reasonably proficient at it, but still liked FitalyStamp better as soon as I tried it.

HanDBase--see my comment here for how I use it.
posted by DevilsAdvocate at 12:28 PM on December 6, 2004

For Win CE:

Journal Bar, Battery bar is useful, but not as fun. A PDF reader, Pocket player, Pocket Streets, and a couple of fun games
posted by joelf at 12:30 PM on December 6, 2004

I can't live without CSpotRun for PalmOS.
posted by ODiV at 12:43 PM on December 6, 2004

For Palm: The Eat Watch
posted by Mitheral at 1:19 PM on December 6, 2004

For Palm: DateBk5.
posted by grouse at 2:35 PM on December 6, 2004

FileZ for palm by nosleep is both free and indespensible.
posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld at 8:32 PM on December 6, 2004

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