Middle East Charities
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Looking for good charities for helping to progress women's rights in the Middle East.

Reading all the news coming out of Iran reminded me of something I've always had an interest but never did anything about.

How can I help the women in the Middle East to change their societies to give them greater rights?

I live in the U.S., so I'm thinking giving money to a charity is my best bet--but what charities?

I found Women for Women, but that seems more like just helping women to survive rather than to change their society as a whole. Which is definitely a good thing and I suppose in a roundabout way would one day hopefully get to the same place.

Any other charity suggestions? Preferably ones with good track records on getting the money where it needs to be rather than fattening someone's wallet.

Thank you!
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Not specifically Middle Eastern, but: UNIFEM
posted by Pallas Athena at 12:48 PM on June 23, 2009


RAWA: The Revolutionary Women of Afghanistan.
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Oops, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
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change the children and you can change the future

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The Feminist Collective in Lebanon.
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