Tell me the name of this 80s time travel story, please!
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Want to help remember a book title? 'Course ya do! It's from the 80s and, if I remember correctly, involves some kids that discover a new game at the local arcade. There's a pilot's helmet on top of the machine, and when they try it on and attempt the game they find they can travel through time. I believe the cover was a picture of the machine and the helmet. At one point they use it to break into a research facility or something, but before that I think they go back too far and it's still being built (leading to some fretting about jumping forward in time and ending up halfway through a wall or floor). I know somebody out there can field this one!
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You know, the game and the helmet sound familiar, but I'm afraid I'm in the same boat you are, my friend.
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Response by poster: Thanks to LibaryThing's "Name That Book" forum, I learned that it's "Time Twister" by Ged Maybury.
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