Song for mother-son dance?
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Looking for a mother-son dance song for my wedding.

Mom's a boomer and LOVED the Beatles when she was a little girl, so I was thinking that early Beatles would be perfect. But other stuff from the era -- I know she likes Aretha Franklin, for instance -- would also be acceptable. The trick is, obviously I want to avoid stuff with lyrics that smack of romantic (even if squeaky clean, geared-to-screaming-13-year-old-girls) love.

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John Lennon - Beautiful Boy?
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Also, directly afterwards you should [tounge-in-cheekly] play the Beatles' Another Girl
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Mother Nature's Son? (Holy crap. Going through my Beatles playlist, and Another Girl came up. That'd be really messed up as a mother/son dance son. But funny.)
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Awww, burned on the Another Girl. Should have previewed.

On a modern note, Devil Makes Three's For My Family would be a lovely mother/son dance song.
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I'm Happy Just to Dance With You?
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this is sort of my go-to "awesome mom" song, and it alludes to having a good father too (don't know if that works..?) but:

Good Mother by Jann Arden. a good 'tribute' song.
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Forever Young.

Not Beatles but may be a nice tune.
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I danced with my mom at my wedding to "In My Life" off Rubber Soul. So there's that.
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I also danced to "In My Life" with my mother, at her request. Definitely feel free to use it, unless your mom reads AskMe, she's not going to know you cribbed off me and GamblingBlues.
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From Magical Mystery Tour - Your Mother Should Know

Let's all get up and dance to a song
That was a hit before your mother was born.
Though she was born a long, long time ago
Your mother should know...
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I came here to suggest In My Life, too! It's a great song.
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"Peanut Butter Jelly Time" by Buckwheat Boyz.
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Thanks everyone! I think "In My Life" is it, although Forever Young (by Dylan, not the Rod Stewart song) seems like a good choice too. But "In My Life", even though it's from late '65, fits the bill the best by far. (I'm not entirely crazy about the camp harpsichord bridge but whatever, every rose has its thorn)

I'll ask mom, of course.
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Most memorable dance with my mother, at my graduation, was "What a Wonderful World," Louis Armstrong.
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The "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" song by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole seems to have been trailing me since my son was in preschool (he's now 12). It makes me weep, in a good way. It's lovely, it's not too slow, not too fast, and it's ridiculously sentimental. Not from the era, but I thought another mom's perspective might be nice.

And, can I just say? How wonderful that you are looking for the song. So many grooms leave it for the bride to decide.
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If your mother is a big fan of the Beatles, then "Julia" might be extra-meaningful to her, since Lennon wrote it for his mother.
However, while it is haunting and beautiful, it might be a bad song for actual dancing.
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