Need luggage delivered from France to UK!
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I have accidentally left some luggage at a hotel in France and need it delivered to the UK as soon as possible. All of the courier services I have been in touch with seem not to deal with personal effects. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Have you asked someone at the hotel for a recommendation? You can't be the first person to leave a bag at a hotel.
posted by missmagenta at 2:51 AM on June 23, 2009

Airlines have had my late luggage delivered by the national postal system... I second contacting the hotel and asking them for help. Worst comes to worst they can put it in a box for you, and label it "misc."
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You need a luggage delivery service. I've used before. They're pretty good.
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Good lord, there is truly nothing that cannot be found on the internet.
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Huh? Fedex delivers internationally and will ship anything except human tissue (well they do, but you have to go through a different process). Just have the hotel Fedex it to you. Spendy, but it seems that urgency is at stake here. Otherwise the Royal Mail will take it, you just need to get the hotel to drop it off at whatever the French postal service is called.
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