What to do with old boat winches?
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Sailors, artists, and sailor-artists, help! I have three winches that I'd like to do something artistic with.

I recently put new self-tailing winches on my sailboat. I have the old black winches- a #10 and two #40s, similar to this- leftover. They don't have a practical nautical application anymore (can't sell them), but I feel like there should be something cool I can do with them around the house to give it a salty flair. They're pretty heavy, but they could conceivably be mounted on the wall. Thoughts?
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Mount on wall next to sink: Kitchen winch!
posted by hermitosis at 10:09 AM on June 22, 2009

Install a sheila maid and use one of the winches to hoist it up and down.

Then rig up a hammock made from sail canvas and use the other two to hoist up yourself.
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Best answer: mounted on wood "L"s as bookends.

banister top and bottom ornaments.


centerpiece for lazy susan.
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Response by poster: Great ideas, guys...thanks a lot. The lazy susan idea in particular is one I think I'll go after with the little one- housewarming gift for my recently-moved sailor parents!

(And I wish I could mount a hammock in my living room...)
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