Where can I get those cute lights they hang on trees at Christmas?
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UK lighting gurus: where can I get those cute lights they hang on trees at Christmas?

They come on a string, and look light normal lightbulbs, only a bit smaller.

Here is a picture: http://www.mintdesignblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/3634079094_aee71d48f1.jpg

I'm hoping this is just a thing that I can plug into the mains socket...

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They're called fairy lights, or rope lights. You can get them in a lot of places, but I know for a fact B&Q sells them.

And yes, you can just plug them into the mains socket, unless they're of a very short length, in which case they're usually battery-operated.
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Response by poster: Oops, I totally wasn't clear in my question. I don't want fairy lights, which you hang on Christmas trees, but a row of little (like, 60% of normal size) light bulbs. They put them on big trees outside.
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Most likely you will only be able to find colored bulbs rather than plain white ones as I don't think outdoor white bulbs are common. When I worked in a home ware store we used to box up all our unsold Christmas stuff for sale next year and if a customer asked really nicely I'd go poking around for out of season stuff for them in the stock room. B&Q may be a bit big for that though, I hate to advertise them but Instore/Poundstretcher might help.
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Found these, from Minnesota (not much help in the UK, I suppose).

This might have what you're looking for, but I'm not sure because I didn't want to register for a catalog.
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