Where to find acetate packaging material in NYC?
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does anyone in the nyc area know where i might acquire retail quality acetate packaging or material to produce packaging? (more inside)

googling is yielding confusing and unsatisfactory data.

im comping up some barbie doll type doll boxes for a designer of doll clothes and she wants full acetate packaging in a certain size for her doll. think a barbie or bratz doll box all acetate with tabs and scored or melted folds and creases.

in googling for things like "acetate boxes" "clear boxes" "plastic boxes" ive yet to find anything close to a larger box. i only need to make 6 boxes and cant buy in bulk. anyone know of any places specializing in materials for packaging design or where and how packaging designers buy supplies for comps?

with all else failing does anyone know where to acquire heavy pliable acetate for my own custom formation??
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Is Canal Plastics still there?
posted by interrobang at 11:53 PM on December 5, 2004

apparently canal plastics is still there but is now called industrial plastics, i don't know anything else about that though.
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c: you might try looking for "acetate injection mold" or something like that instead. I know that one of my friends works at a place here in Portland that does the molding for acetate, and that's where I think you're going to want to start.
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I thought Barbies came in blister packs, so this may be completely useless, but:

My partner has used plastic tubes for 12th-scale dolls in the past - you buy a length of tubing, some end caps, and cut to length.

UK-based supplier of tubing, pillows, boxes, etc, but might give you some help with search-terms.
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