i can has bookbinding?
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Resources for a beginning bookbinder? (In New York City)

I've just started getting into bookbinding. There seems to be a lot of literature out there about it but I'd like to just get the lowdown of how and where to start.

I'm mostly interested in learning stitches and binding the actual pages, less interested in special boards/clothe.

1. What materials should I buy?
2. What are the bindings I should learn?
3. What are some good books on the topic?
4. Are there (inexpensive) places in NYC to learn about this?
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Best bookbinding store in NYC. You can start with them, ask some questions.

20 W 20th St # 5, New York, NY‎ - (212) 219-0770‎ But Google maps says that the place's closed, dunno about that.
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Talas sounds amazing. You might be interested in Booklyn. There's also a previous question that has some beginning bookbinding tips, where I recommended How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith. My book arts teacher also uses Keith Smith's books, especially the Non-Adhesive Binding series.
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Memail me, if you like, for the contact info of a friend of mine who is a professional bookbinder. He is the sort who would be delighted to help.
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Ooh, more: it looks like there's a Center for Book Arts in New York City, and Etsy Labs sometimes has bookbinding classes (and tutorials).
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