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So is my wireless router really shot, or what?

To explain, I currently have a Netgear WGR614v7, with a desktop running Windows XP connected to one of the router's LAN ports. Haven't had any recent problems with it till yesterday morning, where apparently my desktop couldn't access the Web even if it was connected properly.

Tried restarting the router and the DSL modem as far as how the router manual recommends you do it, but no luck on browsing even after doing that. All the lights on the router are blinking green and seem to be fine. Tested the DSL directly to the PC, works fine, so something funky is up. Did a reset, both via the router UI and via the rear panel button, still nothing. Even upgraded to recent firmware, but nothing. So what gives?

The only thing that bothers me with all of this is that, although my Net connection is shot if the PC goes to the router, the bittorrent client seems to be seeding properly (at least on the upload side). Which means it's connected, which means there's something hokey with either the router or somewhere else.

Router settings? Something in WinXP? The browsers? Or just trash the darn thing?
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Best answer: If BitTorrent works but a web browser doesn't, it's probably a DNS problem. Try navigating to a web site by its IP, e.g. is a Google address.

Try using OpenDNS servers instead.
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Before you trash it, try a 30/30/30 reset. This isn't usually mentioned in the manual, but on Broadcom-based routers and some others, it will completely wipe the router's settings and return it to factory condition more effectively than "restore defaults" from the web interface will. To do this, hold down the reset button for 30 seconds. Then pull the power adapter out, while still holding the button down for another 30 seconds. Then plug the power adapter back in, still holding the button down for another 30 seconds. Then release the button, wait a minute or so, and cycle the power again.
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Response by poster: That DNS suggestion worked like a charm, though. Browsing is fine, was able to get other gadgets to wirelessly access the Net.

Since the DNS was at fault, and that prior settings in the router indicate a dynamic assignment of DNS, then it seems my ISP is dicking around with things, no?

Thanks for the protip.
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