$160 for a KEY?
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I need to duplicate the key for my Honda Civic Hybrid 2003. The dealership wants $160 to duplicate and program the key. Does anyone know a cheaper alternative in Tampa, FL? I've tried WalMart and they can not copy my key.
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My local hardware store (Ace) can do chipkeys. Give your local store a call.

Note: Start with the smaller shops - don't call the megaboxes.
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You might check with a locksmith as well.
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Is this a laser-cut switchblade key with remote, or just a valet key? I'm assuming since it has to be programmed, that it's a remote key. You will probably have to pay close to that no matter where you go. They aren't going to be duplicating anything, but getting another key from Honda, at least that's how it used to be for those types of keys.
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Does the Honda key have some sort of chip embedded in it? If so, you are probably stuck with the dealer. However, if the security feature is embedded in the fob itself, anyplace should be able to cut the key. I went through this recently with a Dodge Durango. It turns out there is a tiny receiver (RFID I think) in the fob that must be within 12 inches or so of the transmitter in the steering column in order for the truck to start. The key itself is just a standard Dodge key that's been used for years. The dealer told me $200 to replace. I found a replacement fob shell on Ebay for $20, moved the circuit board into the new shell, and had home depot cut the key blank. It worked perfectly.

Find a Honda enthusiast forum online. They'll have your answer.
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I live across the bay in Clearwater, and the Home Depot at US 60 (gulf to bay blvd) and US 19 can make chipped keys. No idea how much they are, but they have to be less than $160. Try a Home Depot on your side of the bay.
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2nding Ace hardware. Ours does them for $60
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My local hardware store does chip keys for $80. Call around.
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I ran into the same problem with my Infiniti. I called a bunch of lock smiths and finally found someone who was able to program and cut a key for me for $75.

My advice is to call around. It will probably take some effort, but to me it was worth it to save almost $100.
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Check out www.keylessride.com They have the chipped keys and can refer you to a local locksmith who can cut it for you. They saved me a lot for a Honda key last year.
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You could also saw off the fob on your original, duct tape it to the steering column, and three-dollar cut keys will work fine. Of course you lose the security feature. Not sure if it's really that much of a deterrent to car theft.
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Toyota dealership wanted $150 for an extra key for my car. I got a blank transponder car key from this guy and Wal-mart duplicated it for free (since I already have the blank key)

I think it cost me less than $20. Works like a charm.
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