How can I stop referrer log spam?
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"Reffy is a Windows-based mass referrer spammer.... Reffy comes with a pre-generated list of 3047 active blog websites...." My blog is on that pre-generated list. These people are spamming my logs and filling my referrer page with crap. Paypal has, unsurprisingly, not responded to reports that they're being used to transfer money to spammers, and .htaccess deny blacklists are no good when your URL is being distributed to spammers all over the place. So, (1) how do I stop them, and (2) what legal recourse would I possibly have to get my cut of the money they're making by putting my website URL in their application?
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They say they use a "custom http header" to avoid having to download the pages. If it's different enough hat you can be fairly certain a regular user wouldn't send it, you could probably use mod_rewrite to check for this header, and return a 403 Forbidden. How this would affect your logs would depend on how they're generated. If they're server logs, the requests will still show up, but they'll show up as errors. If you use a script to generate logs, this shoud prevent them from showing up entirely.
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Good question, anon.
Recently two places i visit have been spammed by these type of comments:

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Pity you asked this anonymously, I would have been interested in knowing if this inventive "spam-as-comments" is what your site is suffering from.
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My God, that's evil. It also explains the sudden rise in referrer spam I've noticed in my logs.

The "custom HTTP header" is likely nothing more than a HEAD request, which is a standard HTTP request to ask the server when something was last modified. Blocking HEAD would be bad, most HEAD requests would be legitimate.

The only thing I can think of is some logic in an Apache module to detect repeated requests from the same host with referrers that aren't from your site. Unfortunately, that would be error-prone and clunky, and basically we'd end up in the same arms race we have with email spam.

I'm afraid that REFERER is just broken now - and these wankers (and people like them) broke it. So no, there is no answer to your first question. I am very interested in the second...
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PS: some helpful hints here, but no long term hope in my view.
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PPS: I do quite like the idea of the "checkback" described on that page. I might look into that...
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Perhaps someone could be kind enough to update your software so that a human-readable-manchine-unreadable image with a few letters must be entered to submit a comment?

I wish I could. :-D
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I still hate the spam I get in my blog (not so active), but it is great fun to find out the source of the copied text. Once I received an Emma Goldman quotation.

Along with a link to black jack poker...bleh.
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Just to be clear: my understanding of the question is that this is not comment spam, but referrer log spam, so suggestions for getting rid of comment spam are not going to be helpful.

I know someone looking into this, and he led to this page. They are suggesting a blacklist-style approach, which doesn't sound very practical unless it's automated, but there is lots of info.
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Just an FYI for some people who seem to be confusing referral spam with blog comments spam, they are two different beasts.

Referral spam consists of making a request to one's webserver and having the 'referal' (sic) value of the request be the spamming URL. This value is ostensibly used to keep track of how people get to your site--if I was on MeFi and clicked a link to, then the referal URL logged on's site would be the URL of that MeFi thread (or the front page if I clicked from there).

Some blog engines keep lists of referrals on each page as a pseudo-trackback sorta thing; and also, some more savvy web hosts / individuals with servers list web stats online, which also will include the referral URLs.

So, the point of this referral spam is to get your URL on more and more webpages--either blog referral lists, or webserver stats pages--and thus increase your search engine rankings.

Blog comment spam is done for the same reason, but is accomplished by spamming comment pages on blogs (making actual comments), instead of just accessing the base blog URL with a modified REFERAL header in the request. Same objective, different method.

On preview: beaten by frykitty. But my explanation's longer! :D
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How about setting a session cookie when the user visits your page to enter a comment and then check it exists on the submit? Not perfect but will mean their single HTTP request will fail. If you don't indicate either way then as long as they don't check the site of everyone they hit then you'll be okay.
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Well, TypePad uses this little bit of HTML at the bottom to track referrers:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.write('<img src=";page=' + escape(location.href) + '&amp;referrer=' + escape(document.referrer) + '" width="1" height="1" alt="" />');
// -->

Sure, it's a webug, but I doubt the referrer spammers are a) checking for this or b) have JS egines running to execute it. You could probably code up the stats CGI in about ten minutes.
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