Nursing in New Zealand vs. nursing in the US.
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Nursing in New Zealand vs. nursing in the US?

Are there any nurses about who have experience working in NZ and the US? What's it like? How do they compare in terms of working conditions, pay, quality of care? Or has anyone recieved nursing care in both countries?

I'm an american getting my nursing degree in NZ and I'm trying to find out what I'll be in for depending upon which country I wind up working in.
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Maybe try posting to the Emigrate NZ forums?

I know you're in NZ and asking about the US, but you've probably got a better pool of respondants who *were* in the US, and might be able to compare on healthcare here/there, than on Mefi.
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Response by poster: I'm a bit late, but cheers for that Elysum the Emigrate NZ forums were really helpful!
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