I lost the directions.
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I have this voice recorder from ThinkGeek and I lost the directions.

I can figure out the basics but the multiple flashing LEDs kind of make it a little confusing. Does anyone have the specifics on how this thing works?
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i've hunted for instructions to no avail (is the brand listed varae? hard to tell with all their swoops) - but have you tried calling thinkgeek?
posted by nadawi at 2:01 PM on June 12, 2009

Response by poster: I've previously googled around to see if I could find them and came up short. I do recall the directions being simple and was wondering if someone could give me the quick rundown without going through the whole helpdesk route.

I'm not sure what the brand name is, tvarae?
posted by P.o.B. at 3:35 PM on June 12, 2009

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