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How can I sell a fairly small number of t-shirts and/or stickers in Australia?

I run a Facebook fan page (not for a celebrity or company or anything copyrighted) that has nearly 10,000 fans, and I'd like to try to sell t-shirts and such. For some reason unknown to me, the vast majority of my fans are Australian, and I'm American. Cafepress has an Australian site, but it still seems that the shirts ship from over here.

Is there a company that actually makes this kind of stuff and ships it from Australia? I really have no idea how many shirts I could sell, but I have several thousand Australian fans.
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If you're willing to print them yourself, maybe you could work with one of the many Australians who are part of your page to do the warehousing and distribution?
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Get in touch with CustomTees. Craig may be able to help you.
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I came in here to suggest CustomTees too. He's done tees for the Brisbane Twitter meetups.
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