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Childhood Trauma Filter: Please ID this frightening memory...

Long ago, I saw a scene so terrifying that I have never forgotten it. Maybe you'll remember the name? Here are the clues:
1. I saw it on television in the early eighties.
2. I saw it before we had cable, so it was almost certainly on Boston's WLVI - which was the sort of station that played really cheap syndicated movies and shows. It was the kind of station that played Creature Double Feature on Saturday afternoons, dig? This was not a Creature Feature, but I'm guessing that it was widely syndicated, and that's what gives me hope that someone else remembers it.
3. So - probably a movie from the mid or late 70s.
4. There was a big, empty building at night with long corridors. The corridors might have been lined with offices, or with storage units, but the building was blank and desolate with flickering florescent lights.
5. Our heroine was a beautiful young lady with dark hair.
7. And the person chasing her was A SCARY MIME!!!

I would give anything to see this movie again.
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I haven't seen this movie, but doing a keyword search for mime on imdb, and filtering by horror gives Shanks (1974).
posted by beerbajay at 6:02 PM on June 11, 2009

If all else fails, I advise asking the good people at Kindertrauma. This is their specialty.
posted by Faint of Butt at 7:44 PM on June 11, 2009

The corridor/hallway thing throws off my theory, but the first thing I thought was "ZOMG Sylvia!"
posted by peep at 7:49 PM on June 11, 2009

Seconding Kindertrauma. They will find your answer!!!
posted by JoanArkham at 5:13 AM on June 12, 2009

Sylvia. First thing I thought of as well. Creepy least when I was 8 years old. As peep said, though, no corridor that I recall.
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Response by poster: Sigh. Thanks, guys, but this has been a bust. I know of and enjoy Kindertrauma, but most of the time the Name That Trauma entries get no comments or a bunch of "I dunnos"... I do not consider them to be a good resource for these kinds of questions. Maybe I'll learn the answer when I get to heaven.
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