Science Fiction films dealing with sex-change?
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Science Fiction films dealing with sex-change?

We are going to have a reading of Neil Gaimans short story "Changes" in which a cure for cancer "has the side effect of ‘reformatting’ the subject’s body into the opposite sex."
Now we would like to show a science fiction film with a somewhat silmilar topic afterwards. Is there anything that would come to your mind?
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Would something like Junior count?
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Best answer: Myra Breckenridge?
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Best answer: Here's the list from IMDB for the keyword "sex change". A quick look down the list shows that they're stretching the definition of "sex change" (i.e. including The Hidden, an SF movie about an alien parasite that takes both male and female hosts); SF might include something like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, although it's not what you'd call hard science.
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Response by poster: Junior? Not really I guess. But thanks for suggesting anyway. Myra Breckenridge sounds awesome, I have to try to find it. Also thanks for the imdb-list. I haven't thought of searching there by keywords.

I just remembered a film myself: ZsaZsa Zaturnnah (imdb), but I don't know if this really fits...
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Myra Breckenridge came up here a few weeks ago. According to everyone it's awful. I downloaded it a few weeks ago and skimmed through it -- it looked pretty goofy. I'm not sure if it counts as sci-fi.
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creasy boy: " I'm not sure if it counts as sci-fi."

As the Myra poster, I feel I should point out that the movie and the book frame the gender switching in different ways. In any case, in neither version does it meet the Wikipedia definition of "involves speculations on current or future science or technology".
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A bit of a stretch, but maybe Orlando? Not SF, though.
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Best answer: ? Might be too sexy for your purposes though.
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Best answer: 'Vegas in Space' involves sex changes induced by simply taking a pill. However, it's more of a campy sci-fi parody than actual science fiction. It's full of drag queens.
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Possibly Enemy Mine? If parthenogenesis counts.
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Response by poster: Thans for Zerophilia and Vegas in Space, both films I have never heard of and need to find very quickly now! Campy sci-fi parody sounds a bit like ZsaZsa Zaturnnah...
I just wished there was a more serious approach to this too. After all that topic has been around in SciFi literature for a while now...

What I would really like to show, and what I think is right up that alley is the fantastic SciFi anime Kaiba, wich deals with posthumanism, not just gender-, but body switching: from a male to a female-, even animal body, or just on a chip...
which unfortunatly is an 11 episodes series and too long for one evening...
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Oh, good lord. 'Rocky Horror', people!! Spaceships, transexuals (though not sex change) aliens, AND singing!
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(Yes I realize that's not at all what you were looking for. But I had to submit it.)
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Response by poster: Enemy Mine is a fine film that I just recently watched again. (After Das Boot and Neverending Story, how could he go on to direct stuff like Troy, I wonder?) But not really what I was looking for though. As is Rocky Horror...
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Best answer: Not really science fiction, but the Virgina Woolf novel Orlando deals with a sex change of a person. There is a movie version starring Tilda Swinton in the lead role. Quite good, IMHO.
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Best answer: Not exactly science fiction films, but the british series Boy Meets Girl deals with gender switching in a pretty serious and darkly humorous tone.
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They Were Eleven has a minor subplot that involves an alien youth of indeterminate gender.
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It's a book, but "I Will Fear No Evil," by Robert Heinlein. Narrator/protagonist has his brain transplanted from his dying male body to that of his attractive young female assistant. Hijinks ensue.

(Caution: it's deep, deep into the weird-Heinlein era...)
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His short story All you Zombies is pretty good.
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I Will Fear No Evil is the only book I have ever thrown across a room.

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Not a film, but the TNG episode The Outcast has a similar pretense.
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