Where can I get a Pez dispenser t-shirt?
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Longshot Filter: On the VH1 show 'Totally Obsessed,' there was a brief clip about a guy who is totally obsessed with PEZ. In it, he was wearing a royal blue t-shirt with the rectangular body of a PEZ dispenser screened on to it in white, giving the appearance that his actual, human head was atop a PEZ dispenser. I would love to give this shirt as an xmas gift, but my best efforts at determining the source / origins of this shirt (Google, eBay) have failed.
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I don't see it on the site - but I'm guessing if anyone would know where to find it - it would be this guy. I've been to his museum- if you ever find yourself in Burlingame, its worth a stop.
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You know, I got an email from a producer from VH1 about being on that Totally Obsessed show, and after seeing some of the people featured there, I'm glad I never wrote him back.

I know it's repugnant, but have you tried, like, Hot Topic or something? Just make sure you scrub yourself thoroughly after viewing their website.

(I hope someone can find it, because I kinda want one, too.)
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Two new apparel licensees have also joined the PEZ Candy licensing program. Liquid Blaino Designs will produce apparel, accessories and jewelry for the U.S. and Canada, with product targeted to the specialty market and teen retailers. Liquid Blaino Designs will create PEZ apparel featuring retro artwork with a unique heathered treatment. Trau & Loevner has licensed PEZ Candy for men's, junior's, girl's and boy's t-shirts, sweatshirts and knit tops for distribution to U.S. and Canadian mass markets and department stores. Trau & Loevner product will feature current and nostalgic PEZ images. "We will continue to expand the apparel category for PEZ Candy with product to complement these new licensees," commented Reiter. *

If it wasn't a bootleg or, heh, pez-con tshirt, perhaps an email to Ms Perone at Bradford could put you in contact.
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If you do find it, please respond here. I'd be really into a T like that too :).
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I own this t-shirt. I bought it when I visited the Burlingame Pez Museum in Burlingame, CA three or four years ago. The section of their store that lists t-shirts doesn't list it, so it's likely that they no longer carry it. You can always call them, though, and find out for sure, and possibly get the name of their distributor or something.

I used to collect Pez dispensers. This shirt is one of my most prized posessions.
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