What was this website with Christian propaganda about sex, creationism, and rock music?
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I'm looking for a website that I stumbled upon once that had a series of online Christian propaganda comic books covering topics like teen sex, creationism, and the evils of rock music.
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I am no help, but I really, really, really hope someone can find it.
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Response by poster: ...and if anybody has any other amusing christian propaganda (specifically anti-evolutionary), I'd be interested in seeing that too. It's for an essay I'm doing.
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You mean Jack Chick tracts? All kinds of fun--for fundies! (Oh, aren't I funny?)
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Response by poster: I remember two specific stories, one in which two sunday-school boys go to a concert by some kind of kiss/marilyn manson amalgamation and are totally freaked out, and another in which a really slutty girl is trying to seduce a high-school football player. The whole website is devoted to the comic, and a lot of the stories are published in full on the site. I hope this helps!
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Response by poster: Oh, crap, I just found it.

The Truth For Youth

Well, I guess I just answered my first ask mefi. I'm such a n00b, please forgive me. Damn my eyes.

I'd still like to hear about other funny examples like this, though!
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wow, those are great... I think you should turn that into a FPP.
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Landover Baptist is worth a look for a more tongue-in-cheek view on the same topic.

Oh, and America's Best Christian™ is of course, Betty Bowers!
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This is a self-link, and it's just one single comic, but it's exactly the kind of thing you're looking for.
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I followed the "Truth for Youth" link and clicked on the "homosexuality comic"... The splash page comes up, there's this shot of a blonde guy with a big cartoony head and my first reaction is: Hey, this looks like it was drawn by Howard Cruse.
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