Tables sent in Outlook e-mails show up unformatted in Gmail
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Tables sent in Outlook messages get messed up when received/viewed in Gmail. Help?

My workplace uses Outlook for e-mail, but I have my account forwarded to Gmail (due to the burning hate I nurse in my breast for Outlook). From time to time a colleague will send me a message that contains a table; when I view such messages in Gmail, there's no table, just a bunch of text that is sort of randomly space-separated.

Is there any simple way to get these so they can be viewed as tables? I've tried copy/pasting them into Word and doing the "Text to table" conversion, with no joy so far.
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They show up fine for me. I've sent a table copied from excel as well as created inline. Sent as rich text as well as HTML.
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Switch to a fixed-width font?
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