Best desktop speakers under 200 bucks?
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Audiophiles: What are the best 2.0 desktop speakers $150 or so can buy?

My four-year love affair with my old Klipsch ProMedia speakers is coming to a glitchy end, and I'm looking for a replacement set of desktop computer speakers with equally delightful sound quality. (No subwoofers, please.) My price range is flexible, but I'd like to spend under $200. At the moment, I'm leaning toward the Audioengine A2's because of the strong reviews, but they're a little steep.

Any suggestions? What computer speakers do you own and love?

I have seen the previous questions on this topic, but all are a few years old.
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The Creative Gigaworks T40s and the Audioengine A2s are pretty well regarded. For 2.0s anyways.
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Second the suggestion for the GigaWorks T40; listening to 'em right now, actually. The sound's really good, with a surprising amount of bass for a set without a subwoofer.
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I've been happy with my M-Audio AV40s.
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you can always go for a nice pair of used somethings....

for powered you can usually find a pair HHB circle3A or 5A's (in 2.0 config) for about your price range.

for unpowered i love and have always loved my JBL 4206's or 4208's (i have the 6's sound awesome, look real nice). they are a little harder to find used but well worth the look. and they are definitely in your budget.

on preview and in retrospect not so helpful.... i do like the M audios as well...
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I second the M-Audio speakers. They are great...I use them for recording.
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I have the Audioengine A2s. They're undoubtedly the best sounding (powered) 2.0 speakers I've seen in this price range. They're quite quick and clean sounding and the bass is tight. Everything else I've heard in this price range sounds like sludge in comparison. I highly recommend them.
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The A2s are a great choice. As an alternative, consider these paired with something like the Sonic T-amp.

- AJ
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