Where can I find a cheap waterproof picnic blanket?
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Where can I find a cheap, waterproof, picnic blanket? Didn't Off used to make one?

I seem to remember a highly-advertised waterproof throw blanket that was available in grocery stores or Target/Walmart stores. It was royal blue on one side and sky blue on the other... my friend used to use it under her kids' high chairs. Where can I find one? Google is failing me.

Where can I find THAT blue one?
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You want the Neat Sheet. I found one, still in the wrapper, in my last apartment, and it works about as well as advertised. Does get a bit sweaty if you're at the beach, though.
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I can confirm seeing the very cloth you're talking about, but I don't think they make that specific product any more.

But other options exist. I also wonder if you couldn't just use a standard vinyl tablecloth.
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...Oops -- the Neat Sheet is exactly what you're talking about. I didn't think they made it any more; sorry!
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If you can't find that Neat SHeet thing, you could use a plastic tarp or a shower curtain. Either one would be 5-10 bucks. Throw an old sheet or blanket over top for added comfort.
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Get a length of oilcloth. You don't even need to hem the edges. http://www.denverfabrics.com/pages/static/oilcloth-tablecloth.htm
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I just bought a brand new Neat Sheet last night, so I'd assume they're still making them... I bought it at Wegmans, which is fairly local to the Western New York area, so ymmy as to finding one elsewhere...
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Was going to suggest oilcloth as an alternative as well. It lasts forever and comes in some really cheerful patterns.
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