Company B is really awesome.
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I'm working part time at two jobs right now - they worked together to hire me so that I could have enough income until Company A can hire my full time. Too bad I want to stay with Company B.

I'm a recent college grad, and I had been applying to jobs since December without any luck. Come April, I applied to a job on Craigslist for Company A - an administrative assistant position at a small home office, in a field that has something to do with my degree. Company B is the hiring agency that Company A uses, so I met and interviewed with them first.

Company A could only hire me part time. They told me it was likely to go to full time in a year or so, with a $2/hr pay raise. At that point, Company B called and said, "We've spoken with Company A. Why don't you work for us part time, too, until you go to full time with Company A. Or maybe you can stay here forever! *Laugh*"

Long story somewhat short, I took both jobs.

Company A is in a home office, very messy, with cats and dogs and a scrapped kitchen renovation. It's a thirty to forty minute drive. I've since discovered (I've been there two weeks) that my duties involve a lot more than standard admin work, and go into a direction that stresses me out and I'm not interested in - making sales calls, coaching clients, handling the IT around the office, etc. They also expect to be able to bring me on full time in September.

Company B is a classy, small office. It's a forty to fifty minute drive. I've only been there a week and a half. I'm not working there as an admin, I'm doing more research and social network marketing, which I really like. I asked them on the first day (because I really liked my first day at B) what would happen if I liked company B better than A, and it seemed like they would be interested in bring me on fulltime - but since it was just a supposition, we didn't have a concrete discussion.

Here's the thing: I like the people at Company A. I don't want to waste their time. I also don't want to look like a jerk. I don't know if Company B can hire me full time. But even if they can't, I can't see myself staying at Company A for very long - I'm really not happy with it at all. Also, it's only been a short while, but I really know I don't want to stay with A, I want to be at B. Would it look bad to tell them all this after two weeks?

I want to know what you would do in my shoes. Talk to them soon? Talk to them later? Talk with B first?

All the people involved are very nice, I don't want to be an asshole, and the companies do work together, so if I do leave A for B, I will be at least speaking with, if not seeing the people from A.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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If Company B is a hiring agency, I would assume they could hire somebody else to take your place at Company A. If they mentioned in the beginning the possibility of you staying on fulltime at hiring and seemed receptive to it later, you might just bring it up to them.

Presumably you graduated in December and know a lot of others in the field that graduated last month and are looking for jobs. When you approach Company B with this next time, it might help to have a candidate or two that you know to fill your spot at Company A.
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First off, I feel your decision is premature after working at each place for only about 2 weeks. I think you need to build more of a reputation with either company before you begin schmoozing with anyone to take you on full time if they did not want to do so in the first place.

That said, I would talk to Company B and see if they will take you on full time and when they would be willing and able to do so. If they set a date get it in writing. Then simply quit Company A with adequate notice (at least 2 weeks) and thank them for the experience. You are not obligated to tell them why you are quitting, but if you feel like it you can just explain that you need a steady full time income and have found that elsewhere. There should be no ill feelings in a professional atmosphere if you do this as people quit to take jobs better suited to them (for various reasons) all the time.
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Definitely talk to Company B about going full-time. Say nothing to Company A.

Also, keep looking for a good Company C.

If Company A wants to hire you full time... you can stall a little by claiming that there's something that Company B wants you to finish, but you'll eventually have to bid Company A adieu one way or another.

Perhaps, if Company B can't take you full time, they can send you part time to somewhere else? (Company D, perhaps?)
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2nds WeekendJen that 2 weeks isn't enough to figure out which is better. Also, if you are a recent grad, there are different criteria to use to figure out which job is "better". It's not necessarily the one that's cooler, or where you do things you like better. The perfect early job is the one where you learn the most. You may not like as many of the duties in Job A, but there are useful job skills that will look good when you're applying for the actually awesome Company C.

I'm doing more research and social network marketing, which I really like

Yeah, these are both fun, but unfortunately they may or may not translate well for future employment. Those activities can be profitable activities to a point, but after that you will have to do other things. So don't be surprised if awesome Company B starts asking you to switch to other lamer tasks.
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I would play it cool and be patient. Then I'd figure out what Company B considers its core activity and find some way to become essential to it. They'll remember that you said you like it there. :) If not, you could remind them in four months. I don't think they'll be coy about trying to hire you if that's what they really want to do.
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