Do I have to assign percentages?
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Mixing business and pleasure as a small businessperson, I need a little advice regarding taxes and business travel.

I'll be traveling to Minneapolis twice in August for personal reasons. A friend has asked about commissioning a web site and it may make sense for me to stay in Mpls for the intervening two weeks and create it. I assume that food and lodging during the business portion would be deducitble, what about plane tickets? Also, if I buy a cheap bike from Craigslist for local transportation, can I deduct that as an expense? Anything else obvious I can deduct?
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Best answer: You have to decide whether the primary purpose of the trip was for business or personal reasons to determine whether you can claim the airfare. No percentages. They don't want people taking a vacation and doing a half-day of work and then claiming it as a business trip. IRS Page
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