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Where to go for a night out on the town next weekend in DC?

So I will be turning 21 this coming week, and will be going to DC to celebrate with some friends on Saturday night. What bars/clubs/other forms of entertainment should we hit? Obviously, most of us would like to drink, but a few members of the party will be underage.
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There are a lot of places in DC that let 18+ in. Check Going Out Gurus (WashPo) and DCist.

Artomatic would be excellent for a mixed-age group, plus it's free. (Beer and wine available.)
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I don't know about LOTS...many bars in DC won't let you in if you're underage, and they will be super harsh on your fake IDs, so watch it.

One the best rock clubs in DC, the blackcat, is having a dance party called Mousetrap that plays britpop and recent indie rock hits and is pretty cheap and not that crowded and is all ages. It's the kind of thing that used to be really cool and now everyone goes UGH but goes anyway.

That area (U Street) has lots of great bars and restaurants, the latter are open late so you can hang out there and drink and not worry about your under-aged friends having to wait outside.

Some things you should not do: go to Adams Morgan, go to Georgetown, anything involving Kickball, assume you can find parking anywhere in less than 20 minutes of driving in circles.

A site i write for has listings of nightlife events and art offerings, check back on our calender for more listings next week or check out the DC City Paper, the WaPo Going Out Gurus, or the new Decider site from the Onion.
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Oops, can't believe I forgot about BYT. I bet Mousetrap would be an excellent 21st birthday venue.

What kind of music do you kids like, Blu?
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The underage baggage will be a problem. I'd suggest a venue like blackcat which won't be as uber lame as most 18+ places.
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