What used to be here?
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Does anyone know what used to be next door to the Barnes and Noble in Colma, Ca?

The Barnes and Noble in the 280 Metro Center in Colma has a Starbucks cafe that obviously used to be a separate building. Anyone know what that used to be?
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Can you take a look at google street view? Is it the building that is a Burger King in the street view?
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I do remember a Burger King next to the Barnes & Noble, now that I think about it. Apparently it's been a while since I went to the Metro Center, since I could have sworn it was a Burger King the last time I was there. (How many Starbucks does the world need, anyway? There's one inside the Barnes & Noble).
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Response by poster: There's a burger king next to it still, as it has been since I was a boy. But it isn't adjoined to the building, the drive thru lane and parking spots separate the buildings. I think the cafe might have been a bed store. I believe the cafe opened in the mid 90s. (If anyone remembers the Discovery Zone where David's Bridal is now, that closed around '96.)
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A friend (thanks Bryan!) says:

"you know [Mikasa] may not have been next to B&N, the wedding store may have been next to B&N and the bigger building was Mikasa when Mikasa closed, I think the wedding store took over the Mikasa and closed their store next to B&N"
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I've been wracking my brain to remember what stores were where, and I want to say that the current David's Bridal was Mikasa and Barnes & Noble was the Discovery Zone. Wasn't there also a mattress store there, too? (I haven't been to 280 Metro Center since the early '90s, so I could obviously be wrong.) Maybe the Starbucks building used to be some sort of playscape type structure connected to the Discovery Zone?
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Response by poster: Asking my mother, she remembers a mattress store in the Starbucks Cafe location as well. (I am certain that David's Bridal was in fact Mikasa, which before that was The Discovery Zone).
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