Obscure Movie Rental in Manhattan?
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Calling all NYC know-it-all ninjas! Where can I rent an obscure movie from 1980 in Manhattan? I need it in my hands by 3pm today, will taxi or subway as necessary.

Yes I know, Internet killed the video store. But this video does not seem to be available on the Internet, and Netflix ain't cuttin' it.

If you own a copy personally, I'll rent it from you.

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Did you call Kim's?
posted by CunningLinguist at 8:17 AM on June 4, 2009

I know that Kim's Video and music carries some weird stuff. You could call and ask them if they have it - you can find them online here.
posted by alrightokay at 8:17 AM on June 4, 2009

Kim's Video, St. Marks and 3rd ave. I think they're still open. If they don't have it, they'll know someone who does.
posted by suedehead at 8:18 AM on June 4, 2009

Response by poster: Yeah, I called Kim's as soon as I learned TLA no longer has an NYC location.

posted by maniabug at 8:20 AM on June 4, 2009

Response by poster: and Kim's didn't have it.
posted by maniabug at 8:21 AM on June 4, 2009

You could try Evergreen Video
37 Carmine St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 691-7362
posted by From Bklyn at 8:26 AM on June 4, 2009

Are you near a library? They do have DVDs now.
posted by doorsfan at 8:29 AM on June 4, 2009

Response by poster: Evergreen closed.
posted by maniabug at 8:34 AM on June 4, 2009

Response by poster: Yeah I searched eNYPL and LEO, no dice.
posted by maniabug at 8:38 AM on June 4, 2009

Two Boots?
posted by hilatron at 8:39 AM on June 4, 2009

Shoot, I just noticed they now open at 5 on weekdays. Never mind.
posted by hilatron at 8:40 AM on June 4, 2009

Response by poster: Hey, still, that's cool, I didn't know about Two Boots. And now I'm HUNGRY, thanks a lot!
posted by maniabug at 8:45 AM on June 4, 2009

Do you know any NYU profs or students? The NYU library has an excellent film collection.
posted by Pineapplicious at 8:47 AM on June 4, 2009

I don't know if this place would have it, but it's a video rental store in Astoria that seems to carry some older movies.

Athens Video Superstore
3097 31st St (corner of 31st avenue, one block from the 30th Ave or Broadway N/W stops)
Astoria, NY 11102
718) 726-2100
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Response by poster: Sigh... I think I'm gonna strike out on this one. NYU doesn't have it, nor does Athens. Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions!
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there are 3 vendors that ship from NY, see if you can contact them
posted by pyro979 at 9:00 AM on June 4, 2009

Worldcat says there's a copy in the Mercer County Community College Library in Trenton.
posted by The Michael The at 9:03 AM on June 4, 2009

Photoplay in Greenpoint (not Manhattan, but they're good)... no website.
posted by zvs at 9:46 AM on June 4, 2009

Response by poster: TMT - Heheh... Trenton Makes, The World Takes. But I can't get there in time. Thanks for pointing me to worldcat, I didn't know about it.

zvs - Another good suggestion, but they don't have it either. Thanks anyway!
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Wow, evergreen closed... you leave for a couple years and all these things change on you... damn.

Also in Bklyn is "Reel Life" - I suggest it because they front as being film nerds.
posted by From Bklyn at 1:19 PM on June 4, 2009

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