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Any advice on getting a wiki off the ground?

I'm working with a small group of language documentarians. Mainly we work strictly with linguistics, but of course there's plenty of overlap with anthropology, archaeology, and all sorts of other interesting sub-disciplines. A lot of this "peripheral material" is not suitable for academic publications, but is nonetheless very interesting.

I had the idea of making a Wiki of endangered or under-documented languages. After all, I can write in the Wiki markup language and think the format is ideal. I could involve my colleagues and even, perhaps, the members of some of those communities themselves.

Of course MediaWiki is the best, but the problem is server space. The university is not so enthusiastic and I am not really interested in paying a monthly fee to keep this going. I know there are a bunch of online options, many of which are really cool (Google Sites, and a variety of 'Wikifarms', but they never compete with the simplicity and ease of MediaWiki.

So, my question: Do you know of any online Wiki which has an identical look/feel to MediaWiki? And/or: Do you know of anywhere I could get free hosting for a MediaWiki like the one I have in mind? I know that probably sounds like a pipe dream do you experts...

Thanks, guys.
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Response by poster: Actually, I just found a good one:
It runs on MediaWiki and seems to be perfect (though no idea on the maximum size)
Can someone help me turn configure it so I can do file uploads?
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Response by poster: Oh, correction: this is the one I found...
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You can create a MediaWiki wiki for free at Wikia.
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Best answer: Hosting can be really cheap - could be under $1/month, for example. Then, enabling uploading is easy.
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