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I installed Flash CS4 on my Mac and ever since then when browsing in Firefox I get all kinds of Flash 10 popup errors with an option to 'dismiss all' or 'continue'. It's like Flash thinks I want to debug everything in the course of my browsing. How do I turn that off?
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I think that's the debug version of the Flash Player plug-in. I'm pretty sure that CS4 installs that by default. Uninstall Flash Player plug-in, then re-install the standard version. That should take care of it.

To know whether you indeed have the debug version installed, right-click (control-click for Macs) on any Flash content in your browser and see if it displays "Debugger" as one of the options.
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I did indeed have "Debugger" as an option on right-click. The uninstaller just hanged on me but I went ahead and installed the standard version and now I don't have the debugger option so that probably takes care of that! Thanks!
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