Who Snarks on the Adverts?
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I have become addicted to a certain website (RSS feed actually) that makes snarky criticism about major advertising campaigns. Can you recommend other similar blogs? Everytime I google for keywords based on their domain I get (nonsurpirsingly) very spammy results.

I won't want to actually directly link to the blog I am talking about, because I have hyper-anti-pepsi-blue-especially-on-the-green' ism, but the blog I am talking about is Ad Freak dot com. Are there other similar, or even better, blogs which snark all over major ad campaigns?

Before anyone thinks I might be astroturfing AF dot com, please note my posting history on the green and also realize I am not trying to drive traffic to the website in question- I actually want to find their competitors!
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campaignbrief.com is an Australian site where industry insiders rip apart their colleagues' work on a daily basis. Also see a tv show called The Gruen Transfer, their season just finished but you can get podcasts of it. bestadsontv.com, ads of the world, adcritic.com, the list goes on... These sites really bring out the nasty vitriol in a lot of ad people so something there should hit the spot. Take it from me, you get sick of the comments after a while.
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Best answer: You might like Ad Rants or Ad Busters
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Best answer: http://copyranter.blogspot.com/
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It's not quite the same thing, but you might get a kick out of Photoshop Disasters. The images they poke fun at often come from ads or magazine covers.
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Best answer: awfulcommercials.com, run by MeFi's own DigDugDag.
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There's Brand New, which is, generally, not all that snarky but which critiques new brand and rebrand launches. Possibly not what you're looking for though.
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Kitchen Retro does this with vintage print ads.
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Ad Report Card series on Slate.com
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