OS X tools for task management?
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iCal is all right for keeping track of events and appointments but stinks for tracking tasks. Any cool OS X tools for task management?
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Not OSX based that I know of, although there are many to-do lists. There are several web-based ones that you could run with apache/php/mysql installed on your Mac, or via the web.
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A web-based tasks manager served locally is a good idea, I've heard good things about TasksPro. A bit of a hassle to setup, I suppose.

On the .app level; some of my friends like VoodooPad. I use Instiki, both online and as an application running on my desktop. It's not a strict task manager, I've just moulded my setup into something I find easy to comprehend and it has RSS feeds which can be served locally, too.
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I installed Tasks (the non-Pro version) for a little project I was doing and it wasn't very hard at all if you follow the instructions. Easier than, say, Movable Type.

On the desktop front, the guy from 43 Folders was recently writing about a program called Sciral Consistency that is supposed to be good for task management when you have repeating tasks and need to deal with "fuzzy" to-do dates. It's available for Windows and OS X.
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I second Tasks Pro, or its single-user version (what I actually have), "Tasks 2.0". Alex King is a great guy and has never failed to respond to an email.
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for mac, i'm a fan of Hog Bay Notebook for such endeavours.
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Response by poster: I wound up buying BurnoutMenu. It's sweet and simple. Throw a brushed metail skin on it an call it iTask. Or not.
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