These boots aren't made for walking...yet
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I just bought a pair of amazing leather boots. They were the last pair. I'm not returning them. However, they're knee-high and the left one is a little too tight on my calf. I can still wear them, but I'm looking for advice as to how to stretch them, just a little, to make them more comfortable in the short term. I imagine that they'll naturally stretch a bit over time, but I'm hoping for a quicker fix. Anyone?
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Best answer: Take them to a cobbler/shoe repair and they can stretch them out for you.
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I'd take a few rags, ball them up, and cram 'em down into the boot real good where you want it stretched. I imagine it would take a few days depending on how tight you wedge em in there, but you can take them out and check every now and then until you're satisfied.
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Best answer: If you really love them don't risk a DIY job. Take them to a good cobbler.
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i used to live next door to a shoemaker. when i complained that a pair of my shoes were too tight, he told me to spray the tight parts with rubbing alcohol. someone over at reader's digest also recommends this.
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Use some type of inflatable ball and a steamy towel,
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Get your hands on some leather dubbin. Apply liberally to the bit you want stretched. Wear them around your house with a double layer of long socks/over two pairs of leggings. It'll feel weird but they'll stretch out beautifully and naturally. And dubbin is incredibly good for leather.
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If it's really only a little, soak a rag in rubbing alcohol, put it in the shoe for a while (closing the top with a piece of cling film or something) and then wear them.
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There are products meant to stretch shoe leather--often they're called "shoe stretch." An example is Kiwi Shoe Stretch.

I don't know if they're any better or worse for the leather than alcohol.
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I have big calves. I took some yard sale (but nice) cowboy boots to a cobbler and was told that the stretch was not doable - my calves were too big. So I took them to another cobbler who stretched them with no trouble. Visually, you can't tell they've been stretched, and they fit great now!
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Swab the inside of the tight parts with rubbing alcohol, then wear the boots around the house for an hour or so. The alcohol softens the leather, allowing it to mold to fit your body.
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