Seeking help in Iding a TV commercial (from the 80s?) ("lets go out to the kitchen")
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My girlfriend has a fond memory of TV commercial (from the 80s?) starring various tasty treats singing "Let's go out to the kitchen and fix ourselves a snack" in what I assume to be a spoof on the "Let's go out to the lobby" promos from the drive-in era. In particular, she is haunted by a cupcake with icing "hair" that flops back and forth as he moves. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of this? Or maybe even more details about the ad...was it for milk?
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It's "have ourselves a snack". It aired in 1995 (although possibly originally in the 80s).

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If that link doesn't work try this.
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Well, dang it, I fussed around with links and missed the boat. I thought it might have been the ABC public service health things that always started "Time for Timer!" with a freaky little animated guy singing about healthy snacks. They played Saturday mornings, between cartoons. Here's an Real Audio link to one, and Real Video for another, via ToonTracker. Neither says "let's go out to the kitchen..." but there were quite a few of them, kind of SchoolHouse Rock-like.
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It originally aired in the 80s, around the time (and with the same animation style) as Schoolhouse Rock. To the best of my knowledge, it was a shill for the Dairy Council. I can't find any video via Google, even on X-Entertainments 80s Commercials Page.
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It also aired as part of a Simpson's episode a long time ago. It's the Simpson's where Homer's movie drink is 90% ice and falls on his face. Or something like that.
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It was part of the "Got Milk?" campaign.
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I'm thinking of a Chevron (with Techron) commercial, taking place at a drive-in, where all the passengers leave their cars during the intermission to "got out to the lobby" and get 'emselves a snack. And one by one, the cars leave the the drive-in to go to the Chevron station, all while singing the song. Waaay off, I know.
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I sent an e-mail to the Got Milkers. Maybe they can help me out (if they don't discover I gave up on dairy in 2000).
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I loved that commercial. There was a marching cupcake, sandwich, carton of milk...
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