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I'd like to make my own half life 2/counterstrike source mod - how do i go about that ? what programs do i get ? are there tutorials anywhere ?
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Google is your friend.
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You could start by messing around with Garry's Mod. It's a sandbox-type thing for Source engine titles that lets you change a whole lot of the game's behaviour.
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A mod is a very multifaceted process. Mapping is probably the most accessible entry point for someone new. I've been part of a great forum at for a long time. Most of the people there started off as hobbyists and now work for big time development companies on very diverse projects. Browse the threads and see if anything stands out.

Here's a video to check out:

The name of the program is Hammer and can be downloaded through the source SDK for free.
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Work through My First Mod at the Valve dev wiki. Then explore the rest of the wiki, which will answer the many questions that you'll have.

If you want to write a mod, you'll probably need to do some C++ programming, though you may be able to do what you want in Garry's Mod instead. If you just want to make a map all you need is Hammer, Valve's map editor.
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