I wistfully remember how we used to reminisce...
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Trying to find a comic strip about wistfulness...

This was a comic strip printed in the newspaper maybe several months ago (SF Chronicle, though I'm sure the strip is syndicated). Single panel, 2 characters, a couple. One comments on remembering how they used to reminisce, and the other says longingly, "We were so wistful then."

Anyone know what strip this was, and where I can find it?
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As far as I can tell, it's hard to search for old comic strips based on the wording alone. Was this a comic strip (like Peanuts) that was just one long panel that day, or was this a panel comic (like the Far Side)?

Can you describe the couple? It sorta sounds like something the elderly couple in "Pickles" would say, but that's a strip.
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Response by poster: It was a panel comic. I think the couple was sitting on a park bench having the conversation. They weren't elderly, I don't think.
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I wouldn't be surprised if it was from "Mild Abandon". Can't check because they don't seem to have an online archive.
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Boise Weekly has an archive, although as a weekly paper, it only seems to include the comics they ran, which are dated Wednesdays.

You can see if the art style looks right, but some of it's kind of adult so I can't imagine it would run in the Chronicle.

You might wanna try posting on the rec.arts.comics.strips newsgroup.
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You might want to look at the comics that the SF Chronicle actually publishes and start to narrow down from there -- look at the artwork, the kind of strip (serial or no), the kinds of characters in the strips (i.e. the ones that don't feature people, like Pluggers or Shoe, for e.g., you could rule out right away), etc.

Alternatively, you could try asking in the forums over at the Comics Curmudgeon.
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